When asked what ocean freight forwarders do, most of the general public have little or no idea what role these entities play in the transport of goods from one place to another. While there are some differences between the processes used for ocean freight forwarding compared to air freight, in general, the freight forwarder’s role is the same whether freight is being moved on the ocean, air or land. Here is an overview and general description of what an ocean freight forwarder like Eagles Air & Sea does for their customers when they have goods that need transport.


An Ocean Freight Forwarder is an Agent for the Shipper

  • When someone hires a freight forwarder such as Eagles Air & Sea to take care of their shipping requirements, they are hiring the freight forwarder to act as their representative or agent when dealing with the ocean or air freight company that will actually be hauling the goods.
  • In this respect, freight forwarders are “travel agents” for your cargo. We take care of the customs, import/export rules and regulations of the countries your goods will be going into and out of.
  • Freight forwarders also act as the liaison to the ocean line that is going to be doing the handling and transshipment of the goods, reserving space, confirming schedules and insuring the safety of your cargo.


Freight Forwarders are Licensed

  • Eagles Air & Sea, like other ocean freight forwarders, are licensed by the proper authorities to handle the goods of international commerce.
  • The Federal Maritime Commission licenses ocean freight forwarders.
  • When you are booking your goods with an agent it is important to make sure they have these certifications to insure the safety of your goods.