Domestic transportation refers to the movement of goods, and services within the boundaries of a single country. It encompasses various modes of transportation, infrastructure, and logistics networks that facilitate the movement of cargo across different regions within a nation. Eagles can manage the entire process from doorstep to doorstep, freeing you up to concentrate on your core business.


Cross-Border Trucking: Cross-border trucking specifically refers to the movement of goods by trucks between two or more countries. It's a critical component of international supply chains, allowing for the efficient distribution of goods across borders.

Our fleet of trucks will pick up the goods at your home, factory or warehouse and handle all of the customs, export/import and shipping details required to get that cargo delivered safely, on time, every time, all the time. Our warehouse and freight consolidation locations are equipped and able to pack your goods for maximum safety and economy of transport.


From Thailand, goods can easily be transported quickly and cost effectively to many countries in the region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar. This transportation option can be particularly appealing for companies who have established their supply chains in multiple locations throughout the ASEAN group of countries.


Because of its central location, Thailand has become a hub for much of the cross border trucking routes between the aforementioned countries as well as southern China. Eagles Air & Sea has taken a leadership role in this growing logistical strategy and can offer their customers door to door trucking services between all of these countries.


  • Customs and Border Procedures: Cross-border trucking involves navigating customs procedures, border inspections, and compliance with international trade regulations. Efficient border clearance processes are essential to minimize delays and ensure smooth transportation operations.

  • Documentation and Compliance: Trucking companies engaged in cross-border operations must ensure compliance with documentation requirements, including customs declarations, shipping manifests, and permits. Adhering to regulatory standards is crucial to avoid penalties and delays at border crossings.

  • Security and Safety: Ensuring the security and safety of cargo during transit is paramount in cross-border trucking. Trucking companies employ various measures, such as GPS tracking, tamper-evident seals, and secure parking facilities, to mitigate the risk of theft and damage.

  • Infrastructure and Logistics: Well-developed transportation infrastructure, including roads, border crossings, and customs facilities, is essential for efficient cross-border trucking. Logistics providers optimize routes and schedules to minimize transit times and transportation costs.

  • Trade Agreements and Partnerships: Bilateral and multilateral trade agreements between countries can facilitate cross-border trucking by reducing tariffs, streamlining customs procedures, and promoting regulatory harmonization. Collaborative efforts among governments and industry stakeholders enhance trade facilitation and economic integration.


Eagles's truck offer several option:

  • 4 Wheel, 6 Wheel, 10 Wheel transports
  • Haulage and Trailer
  • FTL (Full Truck Load) or LTL (Less Than Full Truckload)